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Pizza Barbone’s story began in the spring of 2010 when Jason and his girlfriend (now fiancé), Ali, hitched their new mobile wood fired oven to the back of their catering van and set off from private party to public event to farmers market around Cape Cod and the Boston area making delicious wood fired pizzas. From that very beginning Jason dreamed of one day opening a brick and mortar location so that even more people would be able to enjoy Pizza Barbone’s pies! That dream became a reality with the summer of 2012 when they opened their first restaurant location in downtown Hyannis, MA. Our restaurant has a very unique and special feature by way of its Stefano Ferrara wood fired oven. The oven is one of less than 30 of it’s kind in the country and each one is handmade, custom, out of rock and ash from Mt. Vesuvius. All 6,000 pounds of oven sailed it’s way over from Naples, Italy right to our doorstep at 390 Main St. It’s beautiful glass tile overlay shines almost as brightly as the 1000 degree wood burning flame in it’s interior!

390 Main St, Hyannis, MA
phone: (508) 957-2377
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Tuesday May 28, 2024
HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS ?  According to a Barnstable Police Department media statement, on Sunday, May 26, 2024, at 9:45 p.m., officers conducted a traffic stop on a red Jeep Grand Cherokee for several traffic violations. The Jeep initially pulled over and came to a stop on Main Street. Patrol Officers Kristina Gustafson and John Gardiner began speaking with the operator, Frenyi Mieses, 25, of Providence Rhode Island. As Officer Gustafson returned to her cruiser to conduct a computer check on Mieses, he suddenly sped away at a high rate of speed. Barnstable patrol officers were able to catch up to Mieses about a mile away, where they were able to stop the Jeep Grand Cherokee for the second time. ?Mr. Mieses was then removed from his vehicle and a check of the interior was conducted. Officers noticed that the dashboard of the vehicle appeared to have been modified, and they eventually discovered a hidden compartment containing a 9 mm handgun, 45 grams of Fentanyl and 4 grams of cocaine.? Frenyi Mieses was arrested and transported back to BPD Headquarters where he was charged with Trafficking More than 36 Grams of Fentanyl, Possession to Distribute Class B Cocaine, Failure to Stop for Police and several firearms violations, including Unlawful Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm, and Possession of a Firearm during a Felony. Mieses was arraigned in Barnstable District Court on Tuesday 5/28/24 and held on Dangerousness. P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Leon Redbone?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]   * The details contained in the above report are from a BPD media statement. The defendant is presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.
Tuesday May 28, 2024
WEST BARNSTABLE, MASSACHUSETTS ?  Five school van passengers were taken to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation of possible minor injuries after a collision with a Toyota sedan this afternoon on Route 6.  At around 1:30 p.m., state police and firefighters responded to the Mid-Cape Highway westbound at the top of the hill just west of Exit 68 (the old Exit 6).  Three Sandwich Public School vans were pulled over at the crash scene when HN arrived.  The damage to the school van appeared minor.  However, the damage to the Toyota sedan was more apparent? and it needed to be towed from the scene.  (The details regarding how the damage actually happened are still unclear?) Five school bus passengers were apparently driven to CCH in one of the school vans with at least one West Barnstable FD EMT on board, according to radio transmissions. Traffic became backed up (and at times stopped completely) as one of the westbound lanes needed to be shut down to allow first responders to safely work the scene. The Massachusetts State Police is investigating the cause of the crash.  [HN VIDEO ?  PRESS PLAY]
Hyannis traffic stop leads to drug and weapon charges
Tuesday May 28, 2024
HYANNIS ? From Barnstable Police: On Sunday May 26, 2024 at 9:45 PM, Officers Kristina Gustafson and John Gardiner observed a Red Jeep Grand Cherokee commit several traffic violations on Main St. Hyannis and they subsequently stopped the motor vehicle for those violations. Officers Gustafson and Gardiner then had conversation with the Jeep operator, 25-year-old [?] The post Hyannis traffic stop leads to drug and weapon charges appeared first on
Several evaluated after crash involving school van in West Barnstable
Tuesday May 28, 2024
WEST BARNSTABLE ? Several people were evaluated as a precaution after a crash reportedly involving a school van. The crash happened on Route 6 westbound on Shootflying Hill west of Route 132 (Exit 68) shortly before 1:30 PM Tuesday. None of the injuries were reported serious. Traffic delays were likely in the area while the [?] The post Several evaluated after crash involving school van in West Barnstable appeared first on
HN PHOTO NOTES:  ?Plastic Uzi??
Monday May 27, 2024
    One can never be too careful these days.  Two women were out for a stroll along the old Hyannis Railroad Wharf jetty near Keyes Beach in Hyannis, when they discovered some type of firearm lodged between the jetty's boulders.  They didn't want to mess with it and called police.  A Barnstable Patrolman arrived and found an Uzi, but it wasn't a real Uzi.  It was made out of plastic, some type of pellet gun or toy.  It's not unusual for police officers to recover firearms during the course of their patrol in Hyannis.  In fact, there was an illegal firearm recovered during a traffic stop in downtown Hyannis just last evening.  HN is looking into possibly finding out more? stay tuned?              A 25-year-old with a driver's license out of New Jersey was transported to Cape Cod Hospital under a trauma alert after his vehicle crashed through a fence and down into a thickly wooded hillside in West Barnstable early this morning.  The single vehicle crash happened on the Service Road at around 5:00 a.m.  First responders found the man outside of the vehicle, bleeding from the head.  He was conscious and able to speak with EMTs.  He says he was wearing a seatbelt when his vehicle rolled over into the woods, according to radio transmissions.  He is believed to have been traveling at least 50 MPH.  The Barnstable PD is investigating?    A 28-year-old male was rushed to CCH from a Yarmouth hotel after suffering a priority one overdose early Saturday morning.  At around 1:45 a.m., police and firefighters sped to the hotel room after the patient was reportedly turning blue.  The OD was believed to have been caused by some type of opioid.  The patient regained consciousness after two doses of Narcan and CPR?     At around 2:00 a.m. Saturday morning, Barnstable patrol officers responded to a doorway in the East End for reports of a man yelling and keeping people awake.  Officers found a young man unable to control his wildly erratic movements. He had been yelling, growling and grunting like some type of rabid beast, and it was obvious that some type of evil, voluntarily ingested chemical had taken hold.  For very brief moments, the afflicted young man was able to sporadically pull himself together in order to communicate with officers.  They offered him an ambulance, but he refused.  An experienced patrolman told him that he had one of three choices; go to the hospital, be taken into custody, or try to find someplace where he would no longer be keeping people awake.  It took a while, but the man slowly began to come down from whatever he was on.  In one of the above photos, a Barnstable Patrolman is seen giving the man a bottle of water, advising him to stay hydrated.  The young man had a congenial interaction with officers? they apparently have tried to help him out before.  It was another ?one day at a time? for young man having just made a risky decision in the East End Saturday morning? Aside from the motorcycle crash HN covered Sunday morning, entitled, ?WATCH *** COPS LOOKING FOR OPERATOR OF STOLEN MOTORCYCLE INVOLVED IN SERIOUS CENTERVILLE CRASH [CLICK HERE],? the Barnstable Police had additional issues with reckless motorcyclists this weekend.  On Friday evening, there were two separate pursuits that were almost immediately called off for public safety reasons, per BPD policy.  The two motorcyclists that recklessly took off from two separate attempted traffic stops, put themselves and others at risk of serious injury or death.  HN literally cannot count the number of times these types of irresponsible motorcyclists have either killed themselves or others in horrific crashes.  It's only a matter of time for young people who drive motorcycles like idiots.  To them I say, it's never too late to SMARTEN UP!  Don't become a news story! But if you're unable to wise up and are hellbent on continuing to behave like a moron, please at least remember to check off ?organ doner? at the registry? it's the very least you can do for the mess you're voluntarily about to cause.   HN MEMORIAL DAY NOTE:   Please keep the friends and families of U.S. military personnel who died in service in your thoughts and prayers today. ?Memorial Day (originally known as Decoration Day) is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is observed on the last Monday of May.? ~ (online sources)   P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by John Coltrane?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]  
Cape Cod Healthcare To Fully Fund 2024 BCSO Youth Academy
Monday May 27, 2024
BOURNE ? Barnstable County Sheriff Donna D. Buckley has announced that registration is now open for the Sheriff's Office's 2024 Summer Youth Academy, set to take place from July 1 to August 1 at the campus grounds of Cape Cod Community College. The program invites regional youth in their thirteen to fifteenth year to participate [?] The post Cape Cod Healthcare To Fully Fund 2024 BCSO Youth Academy appeared first on
Paving on Phinney's Lane Starts Tuesday
Monday May 27, 2024
HYANNIS ? Beginning Tuesday, May 28 the Town of Barnstable's contractor will be paving on Phinney's Lane. Construction activity will occur daily, from 7:00AM to 5:00PM, weather permitting, and is anticipated to take three weeks to complete. The first phase of work will include Phinney's Lane from Route 28 to the intersection of Strawberry Hill [?] The post Paving on Phinney's Lane Starts Tuesday appeared first on
Sunday May 26, 2024
CENTERVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS ? [HN VIDEO NOTES] ? As you will see in the following HN Video, the crash happened on Old Stage Road near the intersection of Shootflying Hill Road at around 1:30 a.m. this morning. It this time, it is believed the motorcycle was traveling north at a high rate of speed when it crossed the center line and collided with a sedan traveling in the opposite direction. The two occupants of the sedan were not injured. The driver of the motorcycle ? likely suffering serious injuries ? was not on scene when first responders arrived. Nobody saw the operator of the motorcycle flee, according to sources on scene. Barnstable Police brought in drones to search for the driver in case he or she was incapacitated nearby. The heavily damaged Suzuki motorcycle came back ?confirmed stolen? out of Worcester, Massachusetts? possibly reported stolen since March of this year. The BPD brought in a crash investigator to reconstruct the scene. The investigation is active and ongoing? and HN will provide updated official details as they become available.  The following HN Video contains actual emergency radio transmissions, HN stills and HN Video footage? [HN VIDEO ? PRESS PLAY] HN NOTE: It has been a very busy Memorial Day Weekend thus far in terms of news and it will take time to get to all of it? so, please stay tuned and thank you for your support!   P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Steely Dan?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT! HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]  
Saturday May 25, 2024
WEST BARNSTABLE, MASSACHUSETTS ?  The following HN Video highlights the scene this morning (around 9:30) at Cape Cod Community College when security discovered a strange piece of pipe in Building 4.  The campus needed to be evacuated?. press play to see and hear what happened next! [HN VIDEO ?  PRESS PLAY]   P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Kim Wilde?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT!  HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!] 
Developing: County tech rescue team called to Truro for search for traffic crash victim
Saturday May 25, 2024
TRURO ? The Barnstable County Tech Rescue Team was called out to Truro early Saturday morning. According to reports, police became concerned after being unable to locate the victim of a rollover traffic crash that occurred in the wee hours of the morning. Details are sketchy but CWN has learned the person was found about [?] The post Developing: County tech rescue team called to Truro for search for traffic crash victim appeared first on
Saturday May 25, 2024
HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS ?  [HN VIDEO NOTES]  ?  As you will see in the following HN Video, Barnstable Police patrol officers rushed to an address on West Main Street early this morning, for reports of a woman asking for help during some type of violent domestic disturbance.  Responding police units were told the male suspect may be in possession of a weapon, possibly a stick or a knife.  The first officer on scene reported the male suspect had just fled out the back door of the apartment.  Officers began saturating nearby streets as a call was put out for a K9 unit to help search.  The woman was hurt and eventually transported to Cape Cod Hospital, possibly with some type of head injury.  A member of the sheriff's crime scene unit responded to photograph and document evidence.  As you will see in the following HN footage, the suspect was eventually taken into custody without further incident.  The Barnstable PD is investigating?  The following HN Video contains actual police radio transmissions, HN dashcam footage, HN bodycam footage, and other HN stills and video (parts are intentionally blurred for the time being in this particular case)? [HN VIDEO ?  PRESS PLAY] P.S. ? Today's Hytown Vignette is a brought to you by Kim Wilde?  [CLICK IT/CRANK IT!  HEADPHONES ABSOLUTELY OBLIGATORY!]   
Driver seriously injured in car vs tree crash in Barnstable
Friday May 24, 2024
BARNSTABLE ? A car struck a tree in Barnstable seriously injuring the driver. The crash happened about 1:30 PM Friday on Main Street (Route 6A) at Stoney Point Road near the U.S. Post Office. Firefighters extricated the driver who was transported to Cape Cod Hospital under a trauma alert. Barnstable Police are investigating the cause [?] The post Driver seriously injured in car vs tree crash in Barnstable appeared first on
Yarmouth man sentenced to 12-15 years in state prison after pleading guilty to gun and assault charges stemming from home invasion
Friday May 24, 2024
YARMOUTH ? Cape & Islands District Attorney Robert J. Galibois announced on today's date that Jonathan Fleischmann, 36 years old, of Yarmouth, MA, pleads guilty on May 23, 2024, in the Barnstable Superior Court for his role relating to the assaults on two minor victims. Jonathan Fleischmann plead guilty to a total of 6 charges: [?] The post Yarmouth man sentenced to 12-15 years in state prison after pleading guilty to gun and assault charges stemming from home invasion appeared first on
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