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Travel the road to the upper campgrounds in Nickerson State Park and you may think for a moment that you have been magically transported to the Berkshire Hills or the piney woods of the Carolinas. Nowhere in sight are the sand dunes and salt marshes usually associated with Cape Cod. Instead, you are surrounded by woods that slope down to the banks of eight crystal clear fresh water ponds. Yet, if you walk or bicycle through the woods, you will find no rivers or streams feeding the ponds. These are “kettle ponds,” among more than 300 formed as glaciers retreated from the Cape over 10,000 years ago. Completely dependent on groundwater and precipitation, the water level in the ponds fluctuates from season to season and year to year.

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Barnstable Superintendent Offered Lexington Job
Sunday December 21, 2014
LEXINGTON ? Barnstable Superintendent of Schools Mary Czajkowski has been offered the superintendent of schools position in Lexington. The Lexington School Committee voted for Czajkowski out of three finalists Friday. Czajkowski has been the Barnstable superintendent since August of 2011. The other finalists for the? .
3 Arrested on Drug Charges in Shanghai Investigation
Sunday December 21, 2014
HYANNIS ? The Barnstable Police Street Crime Unit arrested three Hyannis men Friday night after alleged cocaine and heroin distribution at the Shanghai restaurant in Hyannis. Sherman Anderson, 36, and Marcus McDowell, 23, were both arrested at the Ridgewood Avenue restaurant after warrants were issued for their arrests?. .
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